YPNation has suspended operations until further notice. We very much appreciate your interest in our organization and hope that you enjoyed your experience with us.

In early 2009, we started YPNation because we believed Young Professionals need a proactive national platform to amplify their opinions and concerns. Over four years, we helped unite the YP community and raise awareness of the key issues and challenges facing the next generation through hundreds of original articles and videos from YP leaders and policymakers; regional events with civic and business leaders highlighting local concerns; custom products and programs to support the personal and professional goals of more than 1 million active and engaged YPs in our network.

That all said, we still don’t believe we’ve fully seized the opportunity. For now, we’re going back to the drawing board. When we come out on the other side, we’ll be sure to let you know.

We are incredibly thankful for all of the support from our investors and advisers, and especially all the Young Professionals who have supported this effort.

Thank you,
Team YPNation

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